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October 11, 2010 / Louisa Chan

You don’t have to be techy to have a cool online presence

I am sure you know that. Many multi millionaire who make their living on line are not techie at all. They do no write their posts or do any technical work with their sites. All they need is their message and some templatized tools 

I am playing with such a toy now. It takes a few clicks to get a website up, and I am talking about professional looking video pages that integrates with social media.

If you can speak a message and if you capture that with your “1-button dummy proof”  flip mino camera you can get your own video page up in minutes.

Very cool, no coding, no hassle. If video is your thing, watch this space or if you want to get a head of the line grab your seat here.

Get your message out there, someone needs your solutions. 


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