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October 21, 2010 / Louisa Chan

You Want To Know What Your Kid Is Eating …

Research shows that those who are from ages 2 – 18 are consuming 433 calories of solid fat (those saturated and trans-fats that clog the arteries which are found in pizza and chicken nuggets) and 365 calories of added sugar from cookies, cakes, and donuts on a daily basis. And these do not provide much nutrients such as  protein, vitamins and minerals.

More alarming is the fact that higher than safe mount of sodium and added sugar are present in baby food. Even so called nutrient-rich foods, like yogurt, milk, and granola bars are loaded with added sugar.

Knowing this now, will you choose food that gives energy and nutrient? Preparing healthy meals need not be time consuming, expensive or cumbersome. If you like to know what are some healthy food that you can prepare for your kids, your family here’s some guideline.

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