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January 29, 2011 / Louisa Chan

Making Wealth This Chinese New Year Season?

Been a busy week for me and my body decides
to ask for a break. I was fighting a nasty bout of 
flu and not getting quite as much done as I would
have liked …

For those celebrating the Lunar New Year, you’ll
know how busy this period this and how congested
traffic becomes! Yet, spring promises new hope,
as a new season of planting begins.

Favorite phrase used during the Chinese New Year
is ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’ which means congratulating
you on your wealth/prosperity. 

Custom dictates that the elders give away red nice 
packets (with real cash) as a gesture of sharing and
blessing for the wealth and abundance bestowed.

While it is nice to say and hear all these Chinese
proverbs, we know that saying it alone will not 
make things happen, neither will hoping it.

Eben just send me a new video and added in some
3 or 4 new bonuses (seriously I lost count) to his 
Self Made Wealth program. 

If you’ve been considering the this self -paced home-

I think altogether there are some 8 bonuses to the
program – including Guru Home Study and Ignition
Program which is solid and brilliant material. 

If you have attended or seen any of Eben’s training 
you will find that he is thorough and methodical, no
hyped up woo woo stuff. I have attended a few of
his training and learned much from the content as
well as the way he designs and communicate the

Anyway I think he has over $10,000 in additional 
bonuses that you now get when you register for
Self-Made Wealth. Class starts 31st Jan so if you
are thinking about it, you can check it out here 

OK, I need to go lie down now, my head is killing
me …

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