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March 5, 2011 / Louisa Chan

What Do You Need To Be A Professional Coach?

If you want to launch a Coaching Practice and Be a Processional Coach, this will be of interest to you.

The Internation Coaching Federation outlines 11 core competencies if you want to be assessed as a Certified Professional Coach.


So you enrolled for a coaching program, gone through the material, you trained on the 11 compentencies, you practiced, you coached, you wrote your Research Paper, designed your coaching model, did the drills, you have been supervised in your practicum, you clocked your time and yes, you finally passed the examination met all requirements and graduated.  Hooray!


Now you are ready to launch your new career or coaching practice to partner, support and help.

But wait! Something’s missing.


– Where do you go from here?

– How do you start your practice?

– How do you tell others about your new found passion and career?

– Where do you find the people will needs support so you can put your competencies to work?


You are probably a great coach with lots of glowing testimonials from your trainers and mentor coach.

But what’s the next step?


More information here:

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