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April 28, 2012 / Louisa Chan

Should Professionals Market Or Promote Themselves?

Should Professionals Promote Their Expertise or Services?

Social Media for Professionals?

“If  you are a Professional and if you think you are good then you should not need to market or promote yourself. At least you don’t want to be seen marketing yourself“. That’s one school of thought.

I am a professional, I don’t sell and I don’t solicit for business“. I hear this very often.

  Do you agree?

As a Consultant in the corporate world I had to not only know my stuff but the higher up the ladder I go, the more I had to sell my services – to corporations.

From a content expert, we are moved along the line to being sales person with Key Performance Indices tied to how much time we can charge out our own services as well as that of our teams. 

Few years back, having been certified as a Trainer and a Coach and armed with a Masters degree in Education, I applied for a Trainer’s role with an Academy. I was sort of interviewed for that job but was instead offered a sales job – selling coaching programs.

Initially a little confused and put off, I was thinking “do you know how much content I have and you are asking me to sell?”.  Yes, they were and they saw something I did not see then.

In the months that followed, I was consistently one of the top performing sales consultant breaking all sorts of record, surprising even myself. It was then that I saw sales and marketing in a new light. 

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