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May 22, 2012 / Louisa Chan

Why Do I Need An eMail Marketing System?

Why Do I Need To Invest In An eMail Marketing System?

eMail Marketing SystemI was asked this question so many times this week I thought this is a topic that needs another blog post. 

So let us look at some misconceptions about eMailing in general.

I) I can use free eMail accounts to send out mails to all my contacts.

Yes, but your emails may not reach all your contacts (we refer to it as deliverability rate), especially if you send out the same mail to many people at the same time.   

eMail providers will flag you as attempting to spam and may not deliver mails coming from your account.

That is why mails sometimes end up in spam or junk folders, or they are just lost in cyber space – in no man’s land.  

In some cases, your account may be frozen to prevent your from further spamming others.  Pressing the send button using free email providers does not guarantee that your emails will be received.  

II)  I only have 100 contacts and I do not need an Mail Marketing System. You use your eMail Marketing System to grow new contacts in your email database and build relationship with existing prospects and clients.  

III) I have hundreds of name cards collected from various networking events I can just email them.  Having a stack of name cards of prospects or clients does not give you permission to send them regular updates or promotional emails.

As an ethical business, I highly recommend permission-based marketing.   By that I mean you will only send regular updates or newsletters to your contacts with their explicit permission while guarding their email privacy.

That includes not sharing their addresses with others or displaying a bunch of email addresses in bulk emails.   You will also need to provide an option for your contacts to opt out of this email arrangement anytime. That is putting power back into their hands.

Original post here –> eMail Marketing 

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