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March 4, 2011 / Louisa Chan

Getting Lost Can Be A Good Thing

I was on my way to an unfamiliar part of town for a meet-up today and as usual I looked up the map and got my directions before I stepped out.

Well, you guessed it, I took a turn too early and had to double back via a U-turn. Aren’t I thankful for U-turns! Two U-turns later and I am back on track. I get my second attempt and this time I managed to arrive at my destination.

Lessons learned?

1 – Thank God we can turn every mistakes into lessons learned!

2 – Having a goal and some general directions does not guarantee success. You can have a goal and be given directions and with the best of intention, you may still make mistakes. And that is quite okay. In fact it can be a good thing. If you are lost – take heart.

At least you are aware that you have gone off course. You can get your bearings again, recalibrate and get back on track. You’ll still get to your destination. You just learn a few more things along the way.

Food For Thought from Abundant Lives Coaching

Do you agree with what I have here?

Points 3 and 4 here

With this perspective, getting lost is not such a bad thing,  is it?

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